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Online Forklift Course

  Once you have completed your theory online, contact us to book in your site assessment - 0800 ASWEFA

ASWEFA takes Forklift Training ONLINE so you can save your most precious resource - TIME!

Do theory training at a time that suits you, even from your phone!

When you successfully complete this course you will receive a certificate and a wallet licence to certify you as competent to drive a forklift on company premises. If you have a Full NZ Drivers Licence and do the Endorsement portion of training to achieve the F Endorsement you will also receive a certificate to take to a Land Transport Agent to have the F endorsed on to your drivers licence.

During the COVID19 period we are charging a minimal amount of $10 + GST to access study material. The remainder of the course fee won't be payable until the time of assessment (Level 2).

Please note, as with any certified forklift certificate you are limited to the type of forklift you have been assessed on. This is transferable to any New Zealand worksite. 

Please note a practical assessment completed by one of our registered instructors is required to complete this course and receive a Worksafe Worksite Forklift Licence and Certificate, which is valid for 3 years.  

Theory can be completed online at our pace over a 2 week preiod. 

Practical assessment can be completed at your site for an additional fee, or at one of our sites at no charge.  Our site machinery includes counterbalance 2.5 tonne, Reach trucks, Walk behind forklifts, Bendi, mancage and harness, drum clamps, jib attachment and fork extensions.  If you have other specialist equipment such as an order picker, combi, straddle the assessment will need to be at your site.

Pre-requisites for ALL STUDENTS:

If you have limited English speaking or understanding skills let us know as it may limit your ability to pass this course. If you struggle with reading/writing let us know when booking as we have instructors who can assist with this.

You do not need to hold any form of drivers licence for the Worksite Forklift Course.

Pre-requisites for EXPERIENCED STUDENTS:

If booking an experienced operator course drivers need to be capable of using this equipment as this course cost does not include practical training.  If you need practical training on how to use the forklift you need to book a Beginners course.  Beginners will be trained on one type of forklift and additional half days can be booked for additional forklift types.  The cost of half day practical training is $360 + GST for 1 on 1 at your site or $160 + GST at an ASWEFA site.

Pre-requisites for F Endorsement drivers:

You must hold a Full NZ Drivers Licence to sit the F Endorsement course.

An F Endorsement meets your legal requirement when driving a forklift on the "road".  A road is principally used for vehicle or pedestrian traffic which the general public uses as a thoroughfare to gain access to another place.  The general public use and EXPECT TO USE these areas - such as a road, street, driveway or carpark. 

This endorsement is validated on to your drivers licence at a cost incurred by NZTA of approx $44 and remains valid as long as you have a current Drivers Licence (it rolls over every 10 years when you successfully roll over your drivers licence)

This course includes:

  • Online theory for Worksite
  • Online theory for F Endorsement

     Once online is complete we will book you in to complete at your site or ours:

  • Theory assessment
  • Practical training for Beginners
  • Practical assessment

We look forward to hearing from you!less

ASWEFA takes Forklift Training ONLINE so you can save your most precious resource - TIME! Do theory training at a time that... more
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Online Forklift Experienced Operators Course with F Endorsement $10.00 +GST
CAN drive the forklift and needs an F Endorsement to drive a forklift on the road.

Available 30 Apr 2020 - 31 Dec 2020

Online Forklift Experienced Operators Course $10.00 +GST
CAN drive the forklift and DON'T need an F Endorsement to drive a forklift on the road.

Available 30 Apr 2020 - 31 Dec 2020

All prices in NZ dollars

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